Call Centre / Collections Excellence


Increase collection results by equipping Debtors Clerks with a more strategic approach towards interacting with Creditors
2 Days

They will attain the confidence, knowledge & skills to apply a highly effective client engagement approach and by so doing maximise their collections returns.

  • Recognise the importance of approaching the client in a manner that promotes good client relationships
  • Understanding the importance of increasing the number of sincere “promises-to-pay”
  • Exploring the telephonic impact that body language and vocal quality has on the client
  • Developing a professional collections “Script” – Choice of appropriate terminology and phraseology which leads to a commitment to PAY
  • Listening and questioning techniques to ensure the real message is understood and responded to
  • Developing effective vocal quality
  • Responding effectively to excuses (objections) and applying a firm yet customer orientated approach
  • Reading different personality styles and adjusting ones approach accordingly
  • Managing irate clients in a customer orientated manner
  • Being the BRAND by ensuring positive first and last impressions combined with an overall polished approach

Who should attend?
  • Debtors Clerks
  • Tailoring offered for all types of Specialities in Call Centres

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I found this programme to be professional, slick, entertaining & engaging

Nick Calabrese, Head of Commodities, ABSA Capital

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