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Beth-Ann Galvin Strategic Planning Facilitator

Beth-Ann Galvin
Strategic Planning Facilitator

Do you find that your annual Strategic Planning Workshops have become stale and that the outcomes are always the same?

Often compiling a fresh, relevant and competitive Business Strategy can be a tedious exercise and the next challenge is to gain commitment to and delivery of a suitable Business Improvement Action Plan!

Our skilled Strategic Planning Facilitator, Beth-Ann Galvin, will revitalise your next Business Planning Session by introducing your team to a process and methodology that offers an interactive experience that ensures team collaboration and engagement, taps into the wisdom of all of the participants and eliminates the emotion that may arise around the ideas being discussed.

Beth-Ann uses the ‘visual mapping tool’ ‘Participlan’ which is designed to offer a goal directed, productive, creative ‘think-tank’ experience for all types of Business Planning and Brainstorm Meetings. Her Strategic Planning Facilitation methodology encourages open dialogue, however is punchy, goal directed and delivered in a manner that eliminates friction and ensures that all participants contribute equally to the business strategy ideas and most importantly, to designing and implementing a workable action plan.

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The Business Presentation Programme offers amazing tools for all Business people, Senior or Junior, in how to convey a message across in a way that hold the audience’s attention.

Mandisa Bohlela, Brand Manager, Nestle

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