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Beth-CoachingIn today’s business environment it is a given that business executives should have the ability to speak with confidence & the ability to inspire & influence colleagues, investors and clients. This one-on-one Executive Business Presentation Skills Coaching Service is designed to assist business leaders to create persuasive and relevant business presentation content as well as to develop the skill to deliver the presentation message in an energetic, authentic and polished style.

This one-on-one business presentation skills consulting & coaching service is conducted by a skilled business presentation facilitator who will coach and skills practice the candidate on an hourly basis, to enhance presentation confidence & develop a more polished, confident & influential business presentation style.

Business Presentation Coaching Time investment

The time required will be dependent upon the candidate’s needs. However an initial 2 hour commitment is required for this service.

The objectives of the one-on-one business presentation training & coaching service are:

  • To examine the candidates current style of business communication and identify specific areas for presentations skills enhancement
  • To eliminate any presentation delivery challenges and build on areas of strengths
  • To apply step-by-step strategy to achieve desired business presentation goals
  • To guide on how to structure the business presentation content in a strategic & goal directed manner
  • To give input on the creation of effective PowerPoint visual design

Business Presentations Skills Coaching methodology

The business presentation coaching process is designed to examine the candidate’s current method of compiling presentation content and support visuals and to then offer guidance on how to focus the message more appropriately to meet presentation objectives.

The candidates business presentation delivery style is enhanced through specific coaching on how to manage presentation anxiety as well as utilise vocal expression & authentic yet polished body language to inspire buy-in, resulting in a more confident speaker & convincing approach.

Practical coaching is undertaken on a one-on-one basis, including skills practice exercises. The DVD review process is utilised to assist in observation and feedback. Practical techniques are offered resulting in immediate improvements in presentation & speaking confidence.

Who should attend?

Business Executives whom require a confidential and one-on-one coaching service focused on polishing and refining their general Presentation Skills approach or require assistance with refining and delivering a specific presentation.

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