Community Involvement – Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Communication Skills has always had and will continue to have a strong community orientation.

Beth-Ann Galvin (BCS’s Managing Director) has been an active trustee with Sparrow Schools almost since its inception 25 years ago. Beth has served as an active trustee during this time and is the currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. BCS is grateful to be a part of this life changing organisation which has evolved from a place of supplementary learning for children who were adversely affected by the township riots during the apartheid era, to becoming an fully-equipped schooling facility that offers youth with ‘barriers to learning’ a quality education and employable skills.

Most notably, Sparrow has successfully launched South Africa’s first accredited FET (Further Education Training) College that focuses specifically on providing practical vocational skills training aimed at equipping students with useful skills (such as automotive and catering), that give them a solid entry into the workplace.

Our contribution to The Sparrows Educational Trust is as follows:

  • The Managing Director of Business Communication Skills, Beth-Ann Galvin an active trustee and Chairman of this project and offers strategic input at regular Trustee meetings

  • Our company has assisted Sparrows to achieve measurable results by empowering a
    number of their staff members through the development of fundamental communication skills

  • We have on numerous occasions donated a variety of office equipment and other material to this project

  • Through our network, we have introduced the Sparrows Fund Raising Committee to suitable business executives, who are in the position to contribute to their fundraising initiatives.



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