Business Etiquette & Protocol


Enhance Business Relationships by Adopting Effective Business Networking and Business Conduct Skills as well as a Professional Dress Code

1 day

Business Etiquette and Networking Course Objectives
  • To develop the confidence & skills to interact in the business environment and at networking events & client functions in a manner that enhances the Company Brand
  • To learn techniques to engage with clients & colleagues in a polished and professional manner, ensuring positive first & last impressions
  • To create the platform to be seen & responded to as a credible business representative

Business Conduct and Business Networking Workshop Outcomes

This Business Etiquette Seminar will equip delegates with the ability to:

  • Apply the key elements of Business Etiquette & Protocol & recognise Etiquette No-No’s
  • Position themselves in a credible manner
    – Maximising first & last Impressions
    – Ensure that their Non-Verbal message compliments the spoken word
    – Apply a vocal tone that engages, inspires & encourages interaction
  • Network for success by connecting in a manner that enhances existing relationships & establishes new ones
    – Enhance the ability to remember names
    – Maximise the use of the business card
    – Make meaningful introductions
  • Initiate and conduct appropriate conversations
    – Host a table with ease by making all guests feel comfortable & welcome
  • Dine with confidence
    – Recognise the Do’s & Don’ts of dining etiquette
    – Plan for an appropriate atmosphere
    – Interact with finesse & diplomacy
  • Maximise their personal Brand
    – Recognise the fundamental criteria for business dress & grooming
    – Apply practical tips to present a polished & professional look
  • Adapt to Cultural Diversity
    – Understand that cultural differences exist & develop sensitivity to the unique nuances of different cultures.

Business Conduct Seminar Skills Training Methodology

This is a highly interactive & participative workshop which includes a combination of delegate input on real life experiences and Facilitator Guidance on how to maximise all elements of the networking and client Interaction environment.

Who should attend the Business Etiquette and Conduct training course?

All Business Development Executives, Product Managers and Key Account Executives whom attend Client and Networking Entertainment events

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I found this programme to be professional, slick, entertaining & engaging

Nick Calabrese, Head of Commodities, ABSA Capital

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