Fundamentals of Service Excellence

    Establish service excellence as a natural extension of your business culture by equipping your team with the essential service, customer care and relationship building skills necessary, to solidify positive client interactions & relationships.

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Customer Service Excellence

Fundamentals of Service Excellence

For teams of x10 plus: no public courses – sorry!

Customer Service Training Course

1 and 2 Day Skills Training

Customer Service Course Objectives
  • To enhance external & internal customer relationships by delivering a consistent superior customer experience
  • Delegates will develop the ability to connect with customers in a caring & responsive manner
  • To efficiently & successfully resolve queries, supply relevant information & conclude every interaction on a positive note

Who should attend this Customer Service Workshop

Service Engineers | Technical Support | Call Centre Agents | Help Desk | Administrative | Secretarial | Broker Support

Customer Service Course Outcomes

This Customer Care Training Workshop will enable delegates to:

Establish Positive Customer Contact

  • Be an outstanding company ‘Brand Ambassador’
    – Create positive ‘moments of truth’ & enhance client touch points
  • Establish a WOW ‘first impression’
    – adopt welcoming & appropriate body language
    – present a professional image through adopting an appropriate dress code

Ensure Positive Customer Conversations

Engage in an Effective Manner

  • Understand different interpersonal styles & adapt the customer engagement approach accordingly
  • Adopt effective telephone skills & face-to face engagement techniques:
    – utilise welcoming & polished, ‘high-impact’ terminology
    – project a clear, caring & enthusiastic vocal tone
    – recognise the link between body language & vocal quality
  • Apply effective listening skills & a meaningful interaction approach
    – listen attentively with the intention to truly understand
    – respond in a courteous manner that inspires respect & credibility
  • Manage & resolve complaints in a meaningful way
    – involve & satisfy the customer, leaving them with a positive experience
    – keep emotions in check, diffuse anger & manage resistance

Ensure Ongoing Positive Customer Relationships

  • Make sound recommendations & confirm the ‘next step’
  • Close each call in a way that leaves the caller satisfied & wanting to come back
  • Recognise the importance of E-mail’ etiquette.

Customer Service Course Development Methodology
  • This highly practical & interactive Customer Service Workshop is facilitated by a skilled & energetic trainer who is totally committed to delegate growth
  • A combination of facilitator presentation & practical coaching is complimented by active delegate participation
  • Skills practices bring the theory to life through immediate hands-on exposure to each key concept

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I found the Dimensions of Professional Selling Programme to be very effective in establishing a future change in my behaviour & a paradigm shift, moving me from my operating arena to the client’s operating arena.

Amanda Boonzaaier, Development Manager, On the Dot

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