Interacting with Impact


Enhance Business Relationships Through Constructive Conversations

1 Day Skills Training

Interacting With Impact – Constructive Conversations Course Objectives
  • To identify the key criteria for effective business communication
  • To raise awareness of current customer engagement style & recognise the characteristics of an ideal approach
  • To modify communication behaviour to achieve more effective, win-win relationship building results
  • To apply a more focused interpersonal skills approach which will maximise influencing capabilities
  • To manage difficult customers & successfully engage with challenging conversations

Who should attend

Service Engineers | Business Development Executives | Team Leaders| Management | Relationship Builders | Call Centre

Interacting With Impact – Constructive Conversations Workshop outcomes

This Communication Skills Course will enable delegates to:

  • Position the relationship in a manner that is conducive to establishing constructive conversations
  • Identify current business communication strengths & weaknesses & create strategies for improvement
  • Develop effective listening skills so as to understand the customer’s / colleagues needs
  • Adopt a questioning process to better understand the customer’s needs
  • Manage difficult customers & challenging conversations
  • Confidently propose win-win solutions & solidify the relationship
  • Recognise customer / colleague personality styles & adapt engagement approach accordingly
  • Interact in a more productive, goal orientated manner & inspire immediate respect & credibility

Interacting With Impact – Constructive Conversation Skills Training Methodology
  • This communication skills workshop is highly practical & is facilitated by a skilled & energetic trainer who is totally committed to delegate growth
  • A combination of facilitator presentation & coaching is complimented by active delegate participation
  • A set of memorable & highly effective ‘take-home’ visual models, re-enforce step-by-step communication & relationship building strategies
  • This constructive conversations training course has a unique approach & spirit which is not only results orientated, but also incorporates fun, motivation & team building

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Your presenters are excellent! Our teams are able to practically apply the skills learnt which improves the probability of closing deals with new customers.

Richard Lange, Training Manager, AECI

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